The makers of Organic, GMO free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free Smoothies and Juices. 

Fragrant Basil Juice Café

Fragrant Basil Juice Café, is a gmo free, gluten free, healthy organic restaurant. Try one of our natural defense boosters shots.

Vegetarian Friendly Norwalk, CT

Smoothies, Juices and Shots

Fragrant Basil Juice Café is an organic family owned carryout café with a tropical flair, located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Besides its warm and friendly atmosphere, one of the highlights of our café is our mostly gluten-free menu with something for every budget and every diet. Procedures are in place to also accommodate patrons with food allergies once made known to our staff.  We currently offer over 35 delectable organic juices and smoothies on our menu, all created with the most wholesome foods on the planet – fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. We also limit the number of commercially processed foods in our ingredients, to promote good health and nutrition. Besides juices and smoothies, our menu also include fresh, homemade, always vegan soups and chili, amazingly scrumptious sandwiches, refreshing herbal iced teas and lemonade.

The owners and operators of Fragrant Basil Juice Café are husband and wife, Sean and Tanisha Williams, who reside in Norwalk, CT. Both Williams' who are indigenous to the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica, have combined their natural taste for exotic tropical fruits and popular veggies to create mouthwatering juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches. Sean, truly the "Jack of all trades", brings to the table his over 25 years of technical skills and experience in the hotel and fast food industry. Tanisha a seasoned Personal Chef with over 23 years cooking experience previously owned Fragrant Basil Personal Chef Service, has worked with clients throughout the years with varying diets and food allergies.

Our preservative free dairy-free nut and seed milks, almond butter,coconut whipped cream, soups, chili, dressings and sauces are all made in house by Chef Tanisha and are all harmonious with a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Fragrant Basil Juice Café's menu and procedures are created around the needs of others. We also eat what we sell, so we are very meticulous about our ingredients. We also purchase our ingredients from suppliers who are both sustainable and growers of organic, GMO free produce.  We care deeply for people and our planet and so use environmentally friendly packaging that are either compostable,  recyclable or both. Our blends are created from certified USDA organic ingredients. Get to know us in person when you visit.

Stop by for truly an experience well worth it!