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Fragrant Basil Juice Café, is a gmo free, gluten free, healthy organic restaurant. Try one of our natural defense boosters shots.

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Fragrant Basil Juice Café offers a unique juice fast program. Give your body a break with these delicious, freshly cold-pressed beverages while fueling and nourishing your cells. We currently are offering organic, genetically modified organism (GMO) free, 1, 3, 5 and 7 day fasts at a cost of $60 per day. Our Pulse Juice Fasts are packaged in eco-friendly bottles that goes with you anywhere. Just keep them chilled to preserve quality and freshness.

You may be wondering what is a Juice Fast? or even why should I do a Juice Fast? The body is already wonderfully made and has it's own way of detoxing itself. True. If you can help it by eating the right foods, at the right time, in the right way, you can look younger and live a longer, healthier life. Also true. Why then are there so many sick and diseased stricken people today? These sicknesses and diseases stem from a number of factors including genetics, a toxic environment, and consuming toxic foods. What if you could help the systems of your body to perform better and reverse years of damage with real results. Would you do it?

The Pulse Juice Fast program at Fragrant Basil Juice Café is truly a distinct one. We not only use 100% organic fruit and vegetable juices but, also cell nourishing organic, natural supplements. The best way to help reset your body, without starving yourself of essential nutrients. With a little tweak to your lifestyle you can get the results you want. We recognize that everybody is different. Your Pulse Juice Fast is chef prepared and will be customized to you. Also, if you are allergic to any ingredient we will eliminate or substitute it for another. Please call at least two days ahead for free consultation before placing your order.

Visit Fragrant Basil Juice Café for a free no obligation consultation today about our Pulse Juice Fast program to jump-start the systems of your body!